Environmental Air Solutions is a 100% natural, self evaporating product that incorporates the amazing Anti Septic, Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal properties of Tea Tree Oil. Developed for indoor areas to kill and stop the growth of Mould, Bacteria and Fungi, once your container of Environmental Air Solutions has been opened and placed in position the vapour from the triple anti biotic quality Tea Tree Oil immediately starts releasing into the air. Environmental Air Solutions is NOT a product that "Masks" an odour but instead captured the cause.

As the Tea tree oil used in Environmental Air Solutions vaporises it functions as a germicide by causing structural damage in the cell walls and membranes of bacteria and fungi. The damage leads to the denaturing to the cell's live components. Once your container of Environmental Air Solutions is opened, you can expect to smell the subtle but pleasant scent of Tea Tree Oil. This is Mother Nature's own Anti Septic going to work for you. Depending on the levels of Mould, Bacteria and Fungi causing odours, the scent of Tea Tree Oil can last as little as 15 minutes. On average, the scent of Tea Tree Oil will disappear within 48 hours.


As they say........ A picture speaks a thousand words. We would like to prove to you how effective our product is. We took a slice of fresh bread and cut it in half. We then placed each piece of bread into 2 separate containers. The container on the left hand side has NO Environmental Air Solutions product in it. 14 days later and stored in temperatures that ranged between 16c – 30c you can clearly see the growth of Mould and Fungi!! The container on the right hand side has only 5 grams of Environmental Air Solutions in it along with the bread. Where is the mould and fungi????? There is none.......why??????? It's because Environmental Air Solutions has STOPPED it from even beginning to grow.
As humans, we spend anywhere from 80 – 90% of our time in a closed environment. The air we breathe indoors can be up to 10% worse than outdoor pollution as contained areas enable potential pollutants to build up more than open spaces do.

Environmental Air Solutions is currently in use on a number of Super Yachts around the world, as well as hotels, resorts, educational and aged care facilities in Australia.


There are a couple of factors that will determine how long your container of Environmental Air Solutions will last. If you are introducing Environmental Air Solutions into the area you are occupying through an air conditioning system, the right size container will last for a minimum of 1 month. If you place your container of Environmental Air Solutions on a shelf and the room it is in has either a slight amount of forced air flow (ceiling fans) or natural air flow (cross ventilation through open windows) your container of Environmental Air Solutions will last for a minimum of 3 months!!


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